This year’s Cannes Film Festival is quickly turning into a hotbed of crime. First, more than a million dollars worth of jewellery was stolen in a heist, now people are screaming following suspected gunshots.

This kind of stuff usually happens only in the movies! The criminality is less impressive when host Michel Denisot said the noise had been caused by blanks, but for a brief time, the gun-wielding man/woman declared they had a grenade. Given that no one was hurt, we’re going to put this down as ‘exciting’ and, again, ‘only happens in the movies’. The other big story from Cannes was also crime related, as a jewellery heist put a dampener on the red-carpeted proceedings. Commander Bernard Mascarelli, a judicial police spokesman in Nice, said:"Numbers have been put forward that we're still trying to verify, but the figure of $1m ... we're in that range." He added: "Apparently this [hotel guest] was someone who was targeted because it wasn't someone who had been seeking attention...” talking of the Chopard employee, reportedly an American, who is being questioned. “There must have been either an inside complicity, or people who were in contact with this person and knew that the person had jewels," he said.

So overall, Cannes has been pretty exciting, but for all of the wrong reasons. Gatsby opened it, etc etc, it’s glamorous, etc etc, and there are other films. Okay fine, now we want to know more about the great Cannes Jewellery Heist of 2013. We’re also predicting a film by 2016.

Christoph WaltzChristoph Waltz looking cool as ever in Cannes