Candy Spelling broke up with her ''bionic'' lover because she couldn't keep up with him.

Tori Spelling's mother has dished the dirt on her sex life following the death of her TV mogul husband Aaron Spelling in her new book, 'Candy at Last', and revealed she suffered from exhaustion due to her toyboy Larry's penile implant.

The 68-year-old star wrote: ''My bionic man could go on for five or six hours, and there is no woman, middle-aged or otherwise, who wants to have sex for that long. It was like running a marathon.''

She had to call it quits with Mr. ''Pump and Dump'', as her friends had nicknamed him, because he was ''getting too attached'' and she couldn't bear ''those six-hour romps anymore''.

Candy also discussed the tension between her and Tori, which began when the 'Beverly Hills 90210' star cut off communication with her shortly after her first marriage to Charlie Shanian.

The showbiz matriarch admits the first time she met Tori's current spouse, Dean McDermott, was at Aaron's funeral and they didn't patch things up until the birth of their son Liam.

Candy said: ''We never discussed that painful period in our lives when we didn't speak. We just tried carefully to move past it.''

The widow also set the record straight about Tori's alleged disinheritance from her father's will.

She added: ''What nobody knew was that both Tori and (brother) Randy had already received disbursements from a trust while Aaron was still alive.''