Candy Says have received a wonderful response to their new single 'Favourite Flavour' which was accompanied by unique video that truly expressed their vision and creativity. Contactmusic caught up with frontwoman Juju to discuss her foray into self-production after disbanding her previous outfit Little Fish.

Asked how she feels about the fans' response to 'Favourite Flavour', she insists that all that matters is her own love of creating. 'If you're constant with what you're doing and you enjoy it, then the rest is a bonus if other people like it but not the only thing that matters', she says. 'I just wanted to do something I really liked, and make good art.' She wasn't going to let lack of funds for proper equipment stop her either: 'When I started writing and performing Candy Says... I didn't have anything to go to a big studio, I didn't have a drum set. I had two microphones a crappy laptop and a garage.'

Candy Says

Juju was under Island Records whilst in Little Fish, but now that she is self-releasing, she appreciates the creative control. 'Bekim Mala who does our artwork is a good friend of mine and I really wanted to work with him', she explains. 'I've been signed to a major label before and, unfortunately, they didn't want to use him and I found that really upsetting because it's somebody who I know gets me and what we're doing.' Ultimately, her former band was ill-fated: 'It felt like we'd hit a brick wall... It was just a natural ending', she says.

The name 'Candy Says' seems to be the only unoriginal thing about this artistic pop group as she reveals that they are named after a song by the Velvet Underground. 'The whole kind of story of the song is about changing your skin and I think from Little Fish to Candy Says there's a whole change of identity so I think it really fit', she says.

If you are one of those enjoying her 'change of identity', then you should really check out her live sets. Expect absolutely nothing ordinary as she tells us that one show involved a live painter, a church and an operatic singer!

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