Candice Swanepoel wants to design a range of bikinis.

The 26-year-old stunner - who created a clothing line for MOTHER Denim earlier this year - revealed she would love to make a swimwear collection because her job as a model for lingerie and sportswear giant Victoria's Secret has given her the right experience to create something special.

She said: ''You know, being a model and trying every style, every bikini, I've developed my own style. I know exactly what I like and exactly what I don't like, and it's nice to be able to share that with people. Definitely in the future I would love to (do more designing).''

But despite her industry knowledge, the self-proclaimed ''bikini freak'' thinks it's a far off dream.

She told People Style: ''I love clothing, I love all different styles, but it's good to focus on something specific in the beginning, I think. Obviously I know a lot about swimwear and I'm a little bit of a bikini freak, but that would only be far into the future. So maybe clothing, jewellery. I'm not sure yet!''