Camilla Luddington's boyfriend is obsessed with the new Tomb Raider video game now that his leading lady is the new Lara Croft.

The British actress, who portrayed royal-to-be Kate Middleton in Tv movie William & Kate, has given the virtual action heroine a makeover and a new voice - and her partner can't get enough of her in the game.

She says, "He's absolutely terrible at games; he has it on easy mode and it takes him about a year to complete a minute of the game.

"He says 'Baby' a lot, so he'll say, 'Baby, do not climb that cliff...' He'll yell at the game like it's me. It's very strange, like, to walk into the living room and he's like, 'Baby, don't do that, pick up that gun!' I'm like, 'I'm right here.'"