The 10,000 BC star plays a Latino stripper in the new Spring Break cautionary tale and reveals she went to great lengths to perfect her role.

"I went down to Mexico early to prep and I ended up meeting these two sisters that work professionally and worked every day with them practising in a strip club that we actually shot in," she told Access Hollywood Live.

"I have a whole pole dancing scene, so I wanted to really get that down."

And the pretty actress admits pole dancing really is a very challenging art, adding, "I had started taking a couple of classes beforehand, because I thought it sounded like a lot of fun; I've been dancing my whole life and I was like, 'OK, this is like a new way of expressing myself.'"

Camilla also recruited her Brazilian mum to help her perfect her sexy moves in the film.

"We would go to the strip clubs at night and start scouting moves that we liked," she added. "We would kind of sit in the back with the director and she'd be like, 'Oh, that move. Look, the guys are all reacting to that one. That's a good one'."

But the actress, who briefly dated Joe Jonas, never actually got up onstage and performed for strip club regulars: "I would visit and watch and then I went into the dressing rooms and talked to the girls.

"But then when we shot it, there were real guys everywhere, so it felt very realistic."