Camila Cabello has called on her fans to join the fight for transgender rights.

The 'Havana' singer took to Instagram to mark Pride Month over the weekend and to urge her followers to join her in donating to the Transgender Law Center in the US, which aims to ''to keep transgender and gender nonconforming people alive, thriving, and fighting for liberation'', and supporting other organisations.

The pop star's comments come after President Donald Trump agreed to a rule ''erasing Obama-era protections for transgender patients'' amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Camila wrote: ''This month is pride month !!!!!!! i have so much admiration and respect for the LGBTQ+ community, this community includes some of the bravest, kindest, strongest people I know- you teach me by example what it means to be true to yourself and your heart, what it means to be brave, what it means to be fierce and kind every step of the way and living YOUR truth no matter how hard and scary that may be, loving whoever you want to love. happy pride month.

''In the middle of one of the worst epidemics of violence against Black transgender people, Trump decided to finalize a rule erasing Obama-era protections for transgender patients facing discrimination in health care. We aren't were we need to be, we need to fight back! Please go to my insta stories where you can find a list of organizations to support. I'm donating to @translawcenter today. (sic)''

Following the death of unarmed black man George Floyd, who died last month after a police officer knelt on his neck while restraining him, many have been protesting and showing their support for the transgender community by posting and speaking in support of Black Trans Lives Matter, a phrase which has been popular on social media and seen painted on banners around the world at protests.

Charli XCX has also voiced her support for the movement.

Earlier this month, the 'Gone' singer released a statement to mark Pride Month, in which she told her LGBTQ+ fans that: ''We must give back, recognise and acknowledge the black trans community in particular.''

She wrote: ''Dear my LGBTQ+ fanbase - I know you're out there. I've seen you pack out my shows, I've met many of you, we've hung out, we've partied, we've celebrated.

''June is a big month for the lgbtq+ community and its allies, like myself, who are so honored to stand beside you. Pride Month is a moment to seize, to fly the flag and give back to the community.

''This month, we must really focus on the latter of those 3 things. We must give back. We must give back, recognize and acknowledge the black trans community in particular.

''And this isn't something we should just do THIS June. This is something we should do EVERY June; every day in fact. (sic)''