The film is released in the US today (18th July) but before you head to your local cinema, you may want to consider what the critics have been saying. Sex Tape has to be the most panned film of the year so you have been warned! On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has averaged at a 3.9/10 review rating and has scored a painfully low 15% approval rating amongst critics.

Sex Tape
Jason Segal in Sex Tape.

Here are the top 5 worst reviews from critics:

5. Betsy Sharkey (Los Angeles Times) claimed "Since it's a comedy, much could be forgiven if the film was consistent in generating laughs, but the comedy is as erratic as the couple's sex life." She also added a damning note about Apple product placement, which has been echoed by many reviewers. 

4. Claudia Puig (USA Today), unlike many reviewers, took a less sympathetic approach towards Sex Tape's stars and said: "The only thing duller than watching this movie is focusing on the excruciatingly bored expression on Segel's face. If he's that disconnected, how can audiences be expected to put in the effort?" 

3. Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) was considerably more positive about the actors and claimed "If Sex Tape ends up making money, it'll be strictly on the backs of its valiant performers, who surely sensed the weakness of the script and decided to go at it like a job, like turning an acting trick, finesse and pacing be damned."

2. Joe Morgenstern (Wall Street Journal) claimed that, although the film does not signify "the death of comedy", Sex Tape has "No narrative core, just a not-bad notion executed execrably; no core of conviction, just two stars trudging joylessly through swamps of mediocrity."

1. Linda Barnard (Toronto Star) sums up the general critical approach, writing "Just lie back and think of funnier films." She added Sex Tape "is a dull, tone deaf comedy and not the least bit sexy." 

Sex Tape is released in the US today (18th July) and in the UK on 3rd September.

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Sex Tape
Sex Tape is released in the US today (18th July).