Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel’s new R-rated comedy Sex Tape may be all about doing it, but it’s not doing anything for the critics. According to its stars, the main selling point of this latest answer to The 40-Year-Old Virgin is that it’s relatable.

Jason Siegel
Much like its protagonist in some scenes, Sex Tape's humor flops around a bit, before sputtering out completely.

When asked about the raunchier moments in a recent CinemaBlend interview, Segel explained: “I’m more excited about honesty. And I think that painful honesty makes audience members feel uncomfortable in a way that’s really fun.”

Not everyone agrees with him on the “fun” part. Justin Chang, writing for Variety, described Sex Tape as “naccountable drag - strained, toothless and far too tame to achieve the sort of outrageous, raunchy-titillating effect it's aiming for.”

Watch the red band trailer for Sex Tape below: