If one of us regular folk filmed ourselves doing the nasty and then the tape was leaked, life as we know it would be over. Most of us can’t think of anything more mortifying than other people seeing us in the throes of lust, as Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal discover in their new movie ‘Sex Tape’.

These celebs, however, see ‘leaked’ sex tapes as a career tool and for most of them it’s not exactly been an embarrassment for the world to see them bumping uglies.

Paris Hilton Sex TapeHilton hotel heiress Paris Hilton filmed herself doing the nasty with ex-boyfriend, Rick Saloman

Of course, the two most famous sex tapes have come from reality TV stars. Paris Hilton, Hilton hotel heiress and star of ‘The Simple Life’ filmed herself getting down and dirty with ex-boyfriend Rick Saloman. The tape was leaked to the public under the name ‘1 Night In Paris’, although we’re careful about describing this one as a ‘sex tape’. It’s essentially Paris posing in underwear and rolling around on a bed.

The second reality TV star with a sex tape is of course Kim Kardashian. The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star was caught on camera with ex-boyfriend, rapper Ray-J. Like Paris, Kim’s tape features a lot of writhing around in underwear with added tonguey kissing. It earned her around $5 million, so we’re sure she doesn’t beat herself up too much over its mysterious leak.

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