Cameron Diaz went on a secret lunch date with Alex Rodriguez.

The 'Knight and Day' actress - whose ex-boyfriends include Justin Timberlake, Jared Leto and Matt Dillon - was reportedly whisked out for a romantic meal at the baseball player's favourite New York City restaurant, Serafina, where they even shared food.

Although the pair were joined on their secluded table by one of the sportsman's pals, Cameron and Alex even shared their food.

A source said: "When Cameron walked in she seemed super cool, relaxed and really happy. She was wearing a summer dress and looked really good.

"Where they were sitting... it wasn't completely secluded. But he clearly wanted his privacy.

"He has the same thing every time he's there and it's a very special meal the kitchen makes especially for him. She had a few bites of his meal."

This is the first time Alex - nicknamed A-Rod - has been spotted enjoying dinner at the star-studded Italian restaurant with a woman since he brought his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson there.

The restaurant source added to "Since Kate I've never seen him with anyone. He and Kate used to sit in the front window and the paparazzi would have a field day."

This is not the first time Cameron and Alex have been seen together.

In February it was reported the actress was "grinding" against him while dancing at a party.