In the midst of rumours claiming she is engaged to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden, Cameron Diaz has once again been forced to answer questions about getting married in the near future, but this time the 42-year-old actress did admit walking down the aisle isn't out of the question.

Cameron Diaz
Diaz is open to marriage in the future

Although in the past Diaz has adamantly stated she is "not looking for a husband or marriage," the blonde beauty seemed to have a change of attitude when talking with E!News about relationships in general.

"You can just tell when people are good partners to one another and are kind to one another and compassionate and generous and thoughtful," she said. "I think that's a really nice thing and you can see that. Because you can also see what people don't think about their partners [laughs] and aren't kind, aren't generous. I think it's obvious. Those things are obvious."

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So is marriage of the cards for Diaz?

"I just think that life is not-I don't...I stay right present, in the moment. I'm not the person, for whatever reason, I'm never projecting myself too far forward. I don't live in the past. I try to stay really present, right in the moment where I'm at," she responded.

However, the Hollywood star will never completely shut down the prospect of becoming someone's wife. "And so, I've never said never to anything. Believe me, I'll try anything once or twice or maybe even three times."

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The 'Sex Tape' actress and the Good Charlotte rocker, whose relationship first became public knowledge back in May, sparked engagement rumours when Diaz was spotted wearing a sparkly, gold ring while attending the Hollywood Costume exhibition luncheon in October. But since then there hasn't been any confirmation or announcement that the pair are engaged.