In the past Cameron Diaz has clearly stated why she doesn't want to settle down with a husband and child, but as recent rumours claim she is engaged to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden, the Hollywood actress hints that starting the family isn't out of the question.

Cameron Diaz
Diaz isn't worried about having children or marriage, she is just "living"

As Diaz covers Marie Claire's November 2014 issue she still asserts that tying the knot isn't an absolute necessity. "I'm not looking for a husband or marriage or not not looking for that stuff," she told the mag. "I'm living, not thinking what I should or shouldn't be doing with my life."

And as for motherhood, Diaz will not let the public's perception dictate when she should have a child. "We live in a society where everyone has kids, so they want other people to have kids. There is this culture that says celebrities are supposed to be just like us, so people think, 'I have children, why doesn't she?' But I'm not going to do something because it's expected," she said.

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"If a family happens, then it happens," the 42 year-old blonde beauty continued. "If children come to me, then I would do that, but I'm not someone who feels like she has to do something because it's expected."

However, she is willing to give the people what they want when it comes to her movie career. Diaz's backside was recently on full view in the comedy 'Sex Tape,' and this just seems to be the start as the actress admitted she is open to full nudity.

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"People have seen my butt. I've shown the top of my butt, the bottom of my butt. I'm not opposed to doing nudity, as long as it's part of the story," she said. "I'll do whatever has to get done if it's the right thing."