Cameron Diaz made Robbie Williams realise he needed to marry Ayda Field - shortly after the pair broke up.

The 'Angels' singer and the 41-year-old star split up three times before finally settling down together and tying the knot in 2010, and Robbie has revealed 'The Other Woman' actress Cameron was a huge influence in him getting back with Ayda.

He said: ''We were at the Chateau Marmont and we'd split up and I was chatting away with people, and I started to chat with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz and I started to espouse about this brilliant person I'd just ended a relationship with.

''And Cameron Diaz said, 'It doesn't sound like that one's over'. And in that moment - I don't know why it was - the universe went, 'Go to Ayda. Be with her. Marry her'.''

Ayda - who has four children, Teddy, seven, Charlton, five, Colette, 23 months, and Beau, five months, with Robbie - has now vowed to ''make out'' with Cameron the next time she sees the 47-year-old star.

She said: ''Thank god for Cameron Diaz by the way. Next time I see Cameron Diaz I'm going to make out with her!

''Can you imagine if Cameron had never done that? Imagine if you had never had that conversation?''

The couple have also opened up about their first date, before which Robbie had taken drugs from a dealer he was sleeping with.

He said: ''The drugs just fill in all the blanks. I took drugs as medication because I felt socially awkward.''

Speaking on their podcast '(Staying) At Home With The Williamses', Ayda added: ''Can I also point out that the person you took the drugs from, you dealer, you were also sleeping with.

''So you had just f***** your dealer who had just dropped off drugs before our date? Romantic!''

Robbie replied: ''In people's minds dealers are usually men and this dealer wasn't.''

Ayda then said: ''This was a female dealer that you s****** right before you met with me.''