Aloha, Cameron Crowe's return to the director's chair should have been glorious. A romantic comedy-drama starring Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, John Krasinski, Danny McBride and Alec Baldwin? There's no excuse to get this one wrong.

AlohaBradley Cooper plays a defence contractor in Cameron Crowe's Aloha

The film follows Brian Gilcrest (Cooper), a defence contractor who falls for Allison (Stone), an Air Force pilot, after he is assigned to oversee the launch of a weapons satellite from Hawaii. Sounds a reasonable narrative, right? Well, it's awful.

"Crowe introduces a serious topic without really examining it, and even the romance feels off, with a pair of lovers who seem mismatched. To complete the picture, Crowe tags on an ending that's convenient but not convincing," said Mick LaSalle of San Francisco Chronicle.

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"The plot is a hash when it's not a drag, and the 100-odd-minute cut of the film arriving in theaters on Friday seems hacked from something longer and baggier," wrote A.O Scott of the New York Times.

"Aloha is a marshmallow of a film: soft on the inside, soft on the outside and wholly devoid of substance," said Nathan Rabin of Globe and Mail.

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"Equally hobbled by an amateurish script and vaguely defined characters, the movie's long list of mediocrities have an anonymous quality, as though the director has been completely reborn as a hack," said Greg Cwik of indieWire.

"Where to begin with Aloha? Begin by not going to the movie," said Tom Long of Detroit News.

Aloha - which cost $40 million to make (most of which probably went on the acting talent) - is out on Friday (May 29, 2015).

Watch the trailer for Aloha: