Lander was diagnosed with bone cancer Osteosarcoma in her leg in 2011 and she has now revealed she must undergo treatment.

In a message on fundraising website JustGiving, where she has set up a campaign to help her financially support research for the rare cancer, she writes, "It's an aggressive form of bone cancer that's treated with a very harsh regime of chemotherapy and surgery or possible amputation of the affected limb. Particularly horribly, it's a cancer that most commonly occurs in children and because of its rarity, receives scarce attention or funding and there has been very little in the way of new treatments developed in the last 30 years.

"It's probably too late to help me, but it would be great if we could find something in the future that means children don't have to undergo such awful treatment and have a better chance of survival."

Lander adds, "I've been quite fortunate in that I have been able to have periods of living something of a normal life in the last 4 years and to continue playing with Camera Obscura. Being able to record the album we had started working on before my diagnosis, and to travel and play shows again has been amazing, and I'm very grateful to everyone that's bought our records, come to our concerts or supported us in some way.

"Sadly, my illness is here tripping me up again and I feel like it's time to tell people a bit more about it and see if I can raise a bit of cash to help others in a similar situation. I'm hugely grateful for any donations you feel like making. Thank you..."

Meanwhile, a message on the band's page reads: "It is with regret that Camera Obscura must announce the cancellation of their planned shows in Mexico and California in October 2015.

"Keyboard player Carey Lander is undergoing treatment for cancer, and the band has decided to shelve all work commitments for the time being..."