Review of Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken Single by Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura
Lloyd, I'
m Ready To Be Heartbroken
Single Review

Camera Obscura Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken Single

I don't know what it is about Camera Obscura, but as soon as the first listened to them I could really hear similarities to Belle and Sebastian. I don't mean like a bad rip off of B&S, I mean with the same standard and you get hooked to these in the same way that Belle And Sebastian get you hooked.

The song comes in with what can only be described as a Church Organ, and then bam! the guitar kicks in. After these few chords you know this is going to set itself up to be a really good song. Camera Obscura have a great feel to them, with the beautiful vocals that come from Traceyanne Campbell. This lot are a somewhat unknown quantity for me, but sometimes that can be a very good thing. It will be interesting to see if the album follows the same trend as the single, or if there are more surprises installed for us.

Mark Moore

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