This year's Golden Globe gift bags will be worth $500.

Women will receive a Dooney andBourke satchel while the men will get a Tumi duffel bag filled with goodies.

Among the items in the women's bags are Euphoria perfume by Calvin Klein, L'Oreal cosmetics and InStyle's 'The New Secrets of Style'.

The men will gain Euphoria for men, a custom shirt by Alexander West and a gentleman's style book.

All of the bags will contain a DVD directed by Martin Scorsese.

In addition to the designer bags, guests also have a specially designed room where they can have their make-up retouched and drink champagne before they go on stage.

The room, known as the Presenter's Lounge, contains furniture worth $500,000 and artwork valued at $3 million.

Interior designer Kenneth Bordewick said: "I wanted to combine the glamour of old Hollywood with the contemporary glitter of today."

Comedian Ricky Gervais will present this year's awards on Sunday (17.01.10).