Despite already being a mainstay in the Las Vegas and Orlando music line-up, the Electric Daisy Festival has never ventured to the colder climates of up north, that is until this weekend when the EDM showcase took the Chicagoland Speedway by storm. The (moderately) colder temperatures failed to put off any festival goers at the travelling festival's first ever stop in Chicago.

Having already passed through New York with similar success earlier this month (May 17 - 18), the touring EDM showcase will hit up Vegas for the June 21 - 23 weekend, before heading out to Puerto Rico (September 13 - 14) and Orlando (November 8 - 9) later in the year. The festival will also be skipping borders as it moves to London for a one-day event on July 20, bringing all the electro-madness with it for the one off event. Festival goers this weekend were treated to such EDM mainstays as Calvin Harris, Dj Fresh, Fatboy Slim, Pete Tong, Araabmuzik, La Roux, Tiesto and A-Track as well as a smorgasbord of other quality electronic music acts. As for the weather, although the heavens remained closed the temperature was still a far cry from the blistering Nevada desert heats, but this was a factor some say made the festival all the better.

EDC faithful DJ Gareth Emery, who performed in Chicago and New York and will be following the festival to Las Vegas, told USA Today, "When the weather is bad, the festivals can actually be better because people kind of huddle up together. It's probably one of the times where you want to be down in the middle. You don't want to be in the VIP; you get cold."

Tiesto Way Out West
DJ Tiesto will also headline the London show

Emery, a 32-year-old veteran of the festival and dance music scene, went on to say how great the festival consistently is over the years, saying; "I've probably done 10, 15 EDCs over the years and nobody throws a festival like these guys."

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Fatboy Slim Ultra
Fatboy Slim is also following the festival