Calvin Harris is ''trying to work out what to sound like''.

The 31-year-old producer is searching for a new sound for his upcoming fifth album because he doesn't want people to get bored of his music and feels like he's doing ''science experiments'' in the studio as he tries out his new ideas.

He revealed: ''I've been doing this thing where I've been trying to work out what to sound like. When it's like, I've done a certain amount of things and I'm like, hmm, maybe the world doesn't want to hear another tune that sounds a bit like this other song and this other song. So it's like, trying to find a new - even if it's just a little thing - just a new thing for people to latch onto and enjoy so it doesn't sound old. That's what I'm doing. It's like science experiments or something.''

The 'Outside' hitmaker - who is dating 25-year-old singer Taylor Swift - admitted working on the LP has been easy though because he can record it from the comfort of his own home, even though it can make him very lazy.

Speaking about his home studio, he told BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw: ''I just walk up the stairs and get in there. It always has been [in my house] actually, for a while. When I was in Glasgow I used to just walk across my flat with my bowl of cornflakes and my dressing gown and literally just sit there all day trying to write a song and then realise it was 5pm and I had not showered. It was disgusting actually, looking back.''