Calum Best has co-founded an Hawaiian-themed delivery kitchen brand.

The 39-year-old TV personality - who is the son of late soccer star George Best - has joined forces with chef Georgia Salamat and hospitality mogul Fraser Carruthers to launch Poke the Bear, a premium food delivery kitchen in London.

Calum said: ''The food I eat has always been a huge part of my life. I eat well because I believe that a healthy diet is so important for your body and mind.

''With the current climate we're in, we've all seen a huge rise in food being delivered directly to people's houses.

''I've teamed up with Fraser and Georgia because I knew they can bring a wealth of experience to create a successful brand. We're all passionate about food and want to create a lifestyle brand that provides utterly delicious dishes that are truly good for you.''

Georgia is similarly excited about the project, which is based in the heart of Chelsea, although they also have ambitious plans to expand into other UK cities.

She said: ''My ethos is, the world is my kitchen and I wanted to really show this off with the menu.

''Health and nutrition play a large role in all our lives, so incorporating this was always part of the vision. We want to serve super healthy and nutritious bowls, without compromising on flavour.

''We've sourced the very best organic and sustainable products. From the pineapple to the packaging, we aim to be as eco-friendly as possible.''

Meanwhile, Fraser acknowledged that the restaurant industry had changed dramatically amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking about their long-terms ambitions, he added: ''Launching in Chelsea was an obvious choice for all three of us but we have plans to take the brand across the country in the coming months.''