The Puerto Rican rapper is planning new material without his partner and step-brother Eduardo Cabra, with a record tentatively called The Residente Album, in reference to his nickname.

Meanwhile, Cabra was reportedly recording his own music in London, leading some to speculate that the Grammy-winning group may be on the verge of splitting up.

However, Perez Joglar has since eased fans' concerns by telling People en Espanol that he doesn't foresee a separation in the future at all.

He says, "Calle 13 will never separate, because besides being a big family, it's a concept where I put all of me and separating from everything I am is impossible."

He adds, "Before I only worked with my brother, who is one of the best musical producers I know. The difference is that now I will also collaborate with the rest of the world."

Perez Joglar and Cabra are preparing to hit the road together with a string of upcoming concert dates in Europe.