Review of The Race Single by Cajun Dance Party

Read a review for Cajun Dance Party's single The Race.

Cajun Dance Party The Race Single

A samba beat, rasping guitars, twinkling keyboard injections, a funky bass-line and quirky lyrics, not to forget a taste of Kook-esque vocal style. "The Race" is a pretty decent song. At first listen it doesn't strike as being the best song in the world, far from it in fact but, like with many things, it gets more and more musically appealing as you listen to it.

This is stereotypically Indie. Toggling between influences of the Coral, Babyshambles and the Kooks, it's very easy to determine what they are trying to achieve. Cajun Dance Party are trying to discover a well-rounded perfect Indie sound. Do they achieve it? Close but no cigar.

Daniel Black

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