TV personality and former Olympian, Caitlyn Jenner, has spoken out about her youngest daughter's pregnancy, revealing Kylie struggled to tell her she was pregnant and that Caitlyn had hoped she would be 30 by the time she finally had kids.

Caitlyn JennerCaitlyn Jenner appeared on a panel show with her rumoured partner, Sophia Hutchins

Speaking on ITV's panel show, Loose Women, Caitlyn - who was married to Kylie's mom, Kris Jenner - also spoke out about how her kids still call her 'Dad' and her new relationship with 22-year-old, Sophia Hutchins.

Kylie Jenner, 21 - who is on track to become the world's youngest self-made billionnaire - gave birth to a baby girl, Stormi in February this year with rapper boyfriend, Travis Scott, and Caitlyn, 68, explained it was hard for Kylie to tell her about the news.

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Speaking about Kylie, Caitlyn said: "She's always wanted to be a mom but when she called me up it was a bit tough for her as she's not married."

Caitlyn also confessed she wanted Kylie to wait until the age of 30 before starting a family.

She added: "I've always believed you're better off waiting and there’s no rush. I had my first child at 29 and I kind of had everything done.

"Fortunately Kylie's in a position where she can care for the child very well."

Caitlyn - who has six children and has been married three times - spoke about her transition from Bruce to Caitlyn in 2015 and said her kids had asked what they should call her.

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She said: "Kendall and Kylie continue to be close to me. The first thing they said was, 'what do we call you?' "I said, 'dad, always dad' till my dying day. I have no problem with that. They always change pronouns, like, 'My dad, she does this'."

Caitlyn also spoke about her burgeoning relationship with Sophia Hutchins and said they met through their make-up artist.

Caitlyn said: "We became friends and just found we had a lot in common and had a lot to talk about."