According to recent and rather unreliable sources, Caitlyn Jenner has found love in the form of a young transgender college student. However, those rumours have been thoroughly quashed, because the media personality simply isn't ready for a romance with anyone - and won't be anytime soon.

Caitlyn Jenner at the British LGBT AwardsCaitlyn Jenner at the British LGBT Awards

The 68-year-old trans superstar is focusing on being her best authentic self at the moment, and has no interest in a romantic relationship despite rumours that she has been dating 21-year-old fan Sophia Hutchins.

'She still has no interest in dating. It's just not a priority', a source told People.

The pair were apparently seen in Los Cabos, Mexico together, but it seems the pair are just very good friends after Sophia praised Caitlyn as her inspiration in an article in her universoty newspaper.

While sexuality and gender identity are completely separate, Caitlyn's transition from male to female two years ago - and subsequent gender reassignment surgery this year - has made the idea of finding love a lot more complicated. 

'To be honest with you, I can't see myself dating women in the future', she said in her documentary series 'I Am Cait'. 'I have three very strong ex-wives. I just don't see it - I don't see a woman being attracted to me. If there was a female in my life, it would be more like a friendship than it would be a serious relationship.'

She adds that, while she has never had a relationship with a man, she can't see that ever happening either. 'I think it would be really tough on me. It certainly would be tough on the guy', she said. 'Like, 'Why are you dating her? What are your motivations?' It just gets so complicated because of the media that I don't know any guy who would want to go through something like that.'

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Caitlyn has said on many occasions that, as much a romance might be on the cards one day, a sexual relationship is not something that interests her.