So Bruce Jenner’s reported planned sex reassignment surgery has been in the news a lot lately and even the Kardashian sisters have addressed it, saying they fully support the family patriarch in any decision he makes. Unfortunately, that may have been the wrong move.

Bruce Jenner
The Kardashians might want to support Jenner in his journey, but he's not as keen to let them in.

TMZ reports that Jenner is quite cross with the Kardashians for leaking so much information on Keeping Up. It seems like he’s determined to stay ahead of the leaks and control the information himself. According to Business Standard, Jenner is set to do a tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer, during which he will confirm the rumours of his transition and reveal the new name he has chosen for himself.

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But the Jenner news just keep on coming. The former Olympic athlete has also been rumoured to be documenting his transition for an upcoming reality show in the vein of his camera-loving family. Except this time, it sounds like Jenner is going solo.  

According to Radar Online, Kris Jenner wants to get involved in the upcoming project, but Bruce is reluctant to let her in on the action.