Review of 16 Lovers Single by Caged Baby

Caged Baby

Caged Baby - 16 Lovers Single Review

Caged Baby - 16 Lovers Single Review

A rockier and edgier version of the Scissor Sisters, without the high pitched vocals, the Reading born Tom Gandey and his band are fully fledged on this band wagon we call the world of music.

With similar styles to Billy Idol's Hot in the City and Prince's 80's themed rock music, the bass line hits cleverly with perfect drum rolls and unusual rhythms. The dark, poetic lyrics and vocals make this piece unheard but not forgotten when they become the next big thing.

The band aren't doing pretty bad for themselves either, they're on the main stage at Creamfields this

summer ( 27 th August 2005 Old Liverpool Air Field, 3pm to 6am ) alongside Basement Jaxx and Faithless. There's also a possibility of them being at this years Glastonbury too!

Release date of 16 Lovers 23 rd May 2005 on Southern Fried records.

Candice Finney