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Cadence Weapon
Afterparty Babies
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Cadence Weapon Afterparty Babies Album

Cadence Weapon is a 21 year old DJ, producer and MC and when listening to 'Afterparty Babies' you have to give him credit for being talented. There's certainly originality going on is this album with entertaining, humorous and thought provoking lyrics. Rollie Pemberton hails from Alberta, Canada and 'Afterparty Babies' is his second album as Cadence Weapon. The influences displayed in the music on this album are far more varied than usual hip hop albums and the lyrics reference all manner of different sources. Therefore the album sounds more experimental and quirky than straight hip hop albums. He's lyrics are interesting and earnest.
He's got he's own style and he knows where he's coming from that you can't help admire and his flow is good.

Overall Cadence Weapon has created a truly creative album that oozes originality and style. However it could seem bizarre to some. When you compare it Kanye West for example you might think 'Afterparty Babies' is student music however if you consider his age you could be sure that Cadence Weapon has got some serious bombs for the future.

Tareck Ghoneim

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