It may have been a slow start for this Edinburgh quartet but, now on their second album and fresh from their mini tour with Little Comets, it looks like Bwani Junction are really going to rock 2014.

Bwani Junction 2014

The band admit that most of them (Rory, Fergus and Jack) have been making music together since they were at the tender of 11, before Dan joined the group at 16 when they formed Bwani Junction. It was then they released their debut album 'Fully Cocked' through their own label Aksatak, working with Glaswegian record producer Paul Savage who is best known as the drummer in The Delgados. They had a good career start, playing the likes of T In The Park and the Isle of White Festival and supporting The View and Simple Minds, before things got a bit quieter for them. However, here now with their excellent second album 'Tongue Of Bombie', they will no doubt be bringing the music industry's attention round to them again. 

'We wrote the album when we were just at the stage where we were starting to get smashed all the time; that's what the first album contained', they admitted to us in an interview. 'This second album is much more personal to us. We worked with Paul again but this time it was more about getting the structures together and trying to be a little more thoughtful about the lyrics as well.' 'Tongue Of Bombie' has been sitting around for a few months now - long enough for the boys to get started on their third album. 'It is still in a very early stage; we do have around fifteen to twenty tracks roughly written which is great, but we still have to do the lyrics', they said of album three.

Meanwhile, they have recently released album two's latest single 'Caveman'. 'We were looking forward to seeing how the fans would react to that song just because it is slightly different to the first album stuff', they explain, having previously detailed that it's about 'having the horn for a girl'. The subject matter certainly came across in the video, which featured raunchy scenes between a band member and a murderous vixen. 'I guess that's what you dream about as a young lad, being in a band and doing sex scenes for videos', they confess.

Listen to 'Civil War' (Discopolis Remix) here:

Listen to 'Two Bridges' from their debut album 'Fully Cocked' here:

'Caveman' isn't the only track to be accompanied by an unusual video either; they went 'Shawshank Redemption' on the very homosexual prison visual for 'Borneo', 'Civil War''s video saw an overdramatic break-up and the band got drunk and stole a milk float on 'Papa Candy'. If anything, they're just testaments to the band's outgoing, carefree nature - and the fact that they are 'terrible for egging each other on'.

Listen to 'Papa Candy' here:

While they have just finished a 'boozy tour' with Little Comets, their previous live ventures have been even more colourful, seeing them play shows in Vietnam and Malawi. 'There's a place in Malawi called Lilongwe City that's named after somewhere in Glasgow and, throughout the years, they have set up a festival for UK bands to play called Lake of Stars', Bwani told us. 'We played one festival show and then we did a workshop in the middle of nowhere which was pretty much a slum area. The Vietnam shows were just as crazy. I think they must have thought we were the Arctic Monkeys or something.'

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The rest of the year sees them return to T in the Park as well as a few other festivals. They'll even be hitting up Australia and Malaysia for a few dates and dream of reaching America and supporting The Fratellis and Franz Ferdinand. However, you'll have to wait a bit longer for some more shows as these guys are getting focused on album three. There's little known about what it will bring but we have been informed that a new track called 'Make My Day' may make it out as an early single. Keep your eyes peeled!