Busta Rhymes has been ordered to pay $75,000 to a man who claims he was hit by bottles thrown by the rapper.

Alex Duncan claims he was splashed with water by the star, who then threw two bottles at him when he stood up to leave one of Busta's shows.

Alex, 32, says he was at the concert to see another rapper, Fabolous, and headed for the exit when he failed to appear because he didn't like Busta - real name Trevor Smith. As he stood up he caught Busta's attention, prompting the attack.

Alex testified that Busta had told him: "You didn't hear me say, 'Get down?' "

To which he replied: "I don't got to move."

In the next exchange Alex told the 'Touch It' rapper he hadn't come to see his act, to which an enraged Busta answered back "I'm not good for you?" and then threw the water.

Alex also alleged the hip-hop star's bodyguard punched him at the New York court hearing.

The judge awarded the payout to Alex after Busta, 37, failed to turn up to any of seven court hearings.

Alex also claimed he suffered psychological damages and has nightmares because of the 2003 attack.

Trevor Smith, lawyer for Alex, said: "It looks like we Busted up Busta's rhyme."