Busta Rhymes was a little too carried away whilst performing in New York on Friday (28th November) as he took a tumble head first off the stage!

Busta Rhymes
Busta Rhymes took a tumble offstage whilst appearing alongside O.T. Genasis in New York.

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Busta Rhymes, whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith Jr., was performing at Webster Hall in New York alongside O.T. Genasis when he fell off stage. Video footage, obtained by Billboard, shows 42-year-old Busta joining his fellow rapper on stage with a cigar in one hand and a bottle of liquor in the other. 

Busta joined O.T. Genasis on stage during his viral hit 'CoCo' and was rapping along when he tipped forward into the crowd. It appears Busta sustained a head injury as TMZ obtained pictures of Busta with a bloody head injury. According to the website's sources, Busta was picked up by security and quickly escorted backstage. Although it was not a serious injury, as Busta later informed his Twitter followers, he did not appear on stage or rejoin the crowd. 

Busta joked about the incident on Twitter and thanked his followers for their well wishes and concern following coverage of the incident. Busta also claimed the incident demonstrates his enthusiasm and claimed many performers fell off stage whilst chasing their passions.

Busta wrote: "I salute all calls from family and friends making sure I'm good. Just for the record I'm super good! When you love what you do and you're passionate about winning you go hard. We done [sic] fell off stages and broke limps while performing and kept going!"

He also congratulated Genasis for "making a record like CoCo that made me bust my ass". 

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