Burt Reynolds is currently receiving treatment in the intensive care unit of a Florida hospital after coming down with a serious case of the flu, TMZ have reported.

The Smokey and the Bandit star is believed to be in a stable condition for now, with his admittance into hospital only being done as a precautionary measure. A rep for the actor told TMZ that he had been suffering with a bout of the flu bug, much as everyone else seems to be, for a few days and seemed to be coping with the symptoms well. That was until this morning though, as Reynolds was admitted into a local hospital as his health began to deteriorate with doctors on the scene diagnosing the actor with "severe dehydration."

Luckily though, both Burt and his moustache are said to be doing well in hospital and he is responding to treatment. He is expected to make a full recovery and be back on his feet in a matter of days.

Reynold, who has been shy from the camera for a few years now, only occasionally appearing in the odd TV show, is expected to make his screen return in the upcoming Mark Fauser comedy Standby, which will begin work later this year.