It looked like there might be worrying news concerning veteran actor Burt Reynolds as the weekend began, with the 76 year-old admitted to hospital after suffering from flu symptoms – but, like he’s done on-screen for so many years, Reynolds proved he’s a fighter and is apparently well on the mend.

The former Golden Globe winner and one-time Oscar nominee was dehydrated on Friday (January 25, 2013) and, with other flu symptoms also apparent, he was transferred to the intensive care unit at his nearest Florida hospital, the ICU. The good news is that on the Saturday his temperature began to drop and his condition improved, though he still remained in hospital that night as well. A short statement from the actor’s representative Erik Kritzer, given to CNN, said "He is feeling better.” Kritzer declined to go into further detail over the star’s ailment, insisting that Reynolds wanted to keep the information private.

Lest we forget, Reynolds has always imbued a tough, resolute character; he only turned to acting after a string of injuries derailed a promising American football career that had seen him given a scholarship to Florida State University. Determined to make it as an actor instead, he went on to star in such films as Deliverance, The Longest Yard, Cannonball Run and, his Oscar-nominated role, Boogie Nights, in 1997.

Burt Reynolds at a Chicago meet and greet

Burt Reynolds "feeling better" after flu scare