Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds has denied longstanding rumours he's undergone a facelift, insisting he inherited his wrinkle-free skin from his father.
The Deliverance star is aged 75 but has the smooth skin of a much younger man, prompting observers to speculate he has had cosmetic surgery to preserve his looks.
Reynolds admits he went under the surgeon's knife to correct his eyes after shooting too many fight scenes in the 1980s, but he's adamant he has not had a facelift.
The actor tells Britain's OK! magazine, "I was never lifted. I would not have a problem with the truth, but I inherited my smooth skin from my father.
"In the mid '80s, after some fights in a film, I had to have my eyes done. For one, I almost went blind because I got black powder in my eye. Also I had terrible sacks under my eyes from the many fist fights. My eyes were not in form any more. I had that corrected."