Burt Reynolds was admitted into hospital yesterday (Jan 25), after his existing flu symptoms became increasingly and dramatically worse, warranting medical attention to be sought by the actor.

According to TMZ, who broke the story, Reynolds caught a very unpleasant flu bug earlier in the week and had seemed to be coping relatively well whilst at home, that was until yesterday morning though, when Reynolds' condition worsened rapidly and he was rushed to the intensive care unit of a local Florida hospital. A rep for the actor has since revealed that the root of Burt's deteriorating health was down to him being  "severely dehydrated," but this is fortunately a problem that doctors have managed to combat since his arrival to the hospital. For the time being though, Reynolds is being kept under surveillance in the ICU until he is fit to leave.

Don't get too down though, it'll take much more than a bout of flu to take down Reynolds, it would seem, as doctors have remained wholeheartedly positive that the actor will make a full recovery in due time. Burt's moustache is also said to be in a stable condition and will make a full recovery along with the rest of Burt too. Phew!