Buju Banton, the reggae star who was busted back in 2009 following a DEA investigation, was sentenced this week and will serve time in a federal prison on three seperate charges stemming from a drug investion. Banton was charged for trying to acquire and distribute cocaine, as well as separate charges for another drug trafficking offense and for a firearms charge.

Buju Banton Beenie Man
Buju [R] with Beenie Man [L] prior to his drug bust

Banton will serve up to 10 years behind bars, with U.S. District Judge James Moody saying that the 10-year sentence he was given is the minimal time in prison a sentencing as severe as his grants, according to by federal guidelines. The Grammy-winning reggae artist's lawyer has requested that he serve out his time in a prison close to Miami so he can be within the proximity of his family.

The Grammy-winner was busted back in 2009 when an informant working for the Drug Enforcement Administration brokered a deal with him to buy and distribute cocaine. He testified in court that during his bust he was only boasting and has no history of drug trafficking, but the jury in his case thought otherwise. Video evidence and audio recordings made by the informant convinced the courtroom otherwise, with a video that seemed to show Banton testing cocaine in a Florida warehouse being found particularly incriminating.

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Banton first gained international notoriety at the beginning of his career for the homophobic track 'Boom Bye Bye,' in addition to his 2009 arrest and conviction in the US. Banton has never married but has 15 children. He is scheduled to be released January 2019.

Buju Banton Beenie Man Reggae Fest
The reggae star wont be out until 2019.