Buffy The Vampire Slayer beauty Alyson Hannigan lives in a haunted house - but she doesn't mind because her ghost is a true gentleman.

Alyson and her friends have only seen the man a few times, but he doesn't alarm the actress because he seems to know his manners.

The American Pie: THE WEDDING star explains, "I have a ghost in my house. I saw him a couple of months ago. I don't think he died there because there's a law in LA that when you buy a house, if somebody's died there they have to disclose that. And nobody did. So I don't know why he's there. But he's very friendly.

"My friend saw him first one night. She said, 'I don't mean to alarm you but I just saw a man follow us out of the house.' And I said, 'Well, at least he's gentlemanly, he let us go first.'"

However, that was not the last Alyson saw of the spirit.

She continues, "Later that night I saw this silhouette of a man standing in the bathroom doorway. I was like, 'Sweetie, what are you doing?' I thought it was (fiance) ALEXIS (DENISOF). But then I looked and Alexis was asleep next to me.

"I'd love to get his name. I'm thinking of putting a little chalk board where I think he lives to see if he will write his name down."

01/08/2003 09:35