Review of My World Album by Bryn Christopher

Album review of 'My World' by Bryn Christopher.

Bryn Christopher My World Album

Birmingham Bryn Christopher is making waves in the music industry and certainly is a talented singer. Having recently supported Amy Winehouse that you can't really ask for a bigger support slot but hearing Christopher's debut album 'My World' released on Polydor you can see why she chose him. It fits very well into the Winehouse camp with a lot of jazzy, big beat, classic sounds with the main focus being the singing.

Listening to 'My World', straight away you can't help but to be impressed by the vocals. Indeed this young 22 year old is hitting some serious notes with lots of attitude and grit. The fact that he does a cover of 'Sour Times' by Portishead, that I've always felt was a heavyweight track vocally, Bryn pulls it off no sweat and I'd say it's a good cover version.. 'Smilin' is his first single to be released of the album and it's thought provoking. I particularly like 'My World' that is an upbeat song and definitely makes you feel good and there's good musicianship there too. 'The Way You Are' is a very Motown inspired tune that has a good chorus and you can't help feeling inspired by it.

'My World' has all the features of young male angst that tells tales of heartache, loss, love and trying to stay positive. It's all processed in a soulful way with great musicianship and good production. I think it's a good debut that shows talent certainly vocally. Not sure if it's a long player though although Bryn Christopher could go on to future things. Not bad.

Tareck Ghoneim

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