Bryce Dallas Howard has advised people not to watch 'The Help' as it is told from a ''white perspective''.

The 2011 civil rights movie has become the most viewed film on Netflix in recent weeks in the wake of anti-racism protests held across the globe as part of the Black Lives Matter.

Bryce plays the role of racist socialite Hilly in the flick, which stars Emma Stone as aspiring journalist Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan in 1960s Mississippi who writes a book about the racism experienced by black maids in her home town.

The movie received criticism upon its release as the story focused on the perspective of a white character. It was also directed by a white man, Tate Taylor, and adapted from a story by a white author, Kathryn Stockett, and Bryce believes that audiences should turn to other movie if they want to be educated on racism.

Writing on her Facebook page, the 'Rocketman' star said: ''I'm so grateful for the exquisite friendships that came from that film ... This being said, 'The Help' is a fictional story told through the perspective of a white character and was created by predominantly white storytellers. We can all go further.''

The 39-year-old actress added: ''Stories are a gateway to radical empathy and the greatest ones are catalysts for action. If you are seeking ways to learn about the civil rights movement, lynchings, segregation, Jim Crow, and all the ways in which those have an impact on us today, here are a handful of powerful, essential, masterful films and shows that centre black lives, stories, creators and/or performers.''

Bryce then listed a number of movie and television projects, including Spike Lee's 'Malcolm X' and 'Watchmen'.

Viola Davis, who was nominated for the Best Actress Oscar for her performance as maid Aibileen Clark in 'The Help', previously admitted that she had regretted parts of the film.

She explained: ''I just felt that at the end of the day that it wasn't the voices of the maids that were heard.''