Egan has also claimed that his mother went to the FBI in 2000 with the allegations but nothing seemingly came from her testimony. A spokesperson from the FBI has told Fox News that action was taken upon Michael's mother's interview: "Our office investigated allegations and successfully prosecuted a man in or around 2000. I'm limited in commenting on any litigation, and the FBI does not comment on information provided to agents about alleged crimes, unless the claims become a matter of public record; however, the suggestion that the FBI ignored evidence involving the sexual victimization of a child is ludicrous."

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Singer Is Reportedly Going To Counter-Sue Egan And His Family.

"The FBI vigorously pursues all allegations involving the sexual abuse of minors and, pursues prosecution when evidence of such crimes is brought to its attention," the spokesperson added.

The director reportedly announced plans to counter-sue Egan and his family at his own press conference where he vehemently denied that accusations that he sexually assaulted Michael Egan when he was underage, according to Just Jared. The 48 year-old, who has already seen his name removed from Black Box TV commercials, argued that the lawsuit is a financial and attention grab by the family's attorney and the family.

This isn't the first time Singer hasn't been the focus of accusations regarding appropriate acts against minors: in 1997, a 14-year-old extra from the thriller, Apt Pupil, he directed accused Singer and others working on the film of forcing him and two other underage boys to get naked during a shower scene. The case was eventually thrown out for insufficient evidence.

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