The lawyer of Michael Egan III, the man suing Bryan Singer for alleged sexual abuse, has announced there will be more names added to the list of "Hollywood insiders" who are also allegedly guilty of sexual assault.

Egan alleges he was sexually abused by X-Men director Singer in Hawaii fifteen years ago from August to October of 1999. Egan claims he was not the only child to have fallen victim to molestation as he alleges Singer was involved in a "sexual predator ring" which involved the abuse of boys aged between 15 and 17. Egan claimed Singer sexually assaulted him when he was 17, a legal age for consenting sex in Hawaii but Egan maintains he did not consent to the alleged sexual encounter. Egan further claimed Singer and his alleged conspirators in the Hollywood sex ring threatened him. These figures, who are yet to be named, allegedly threatened to destroy Egan's career prospects in Hollywood. 

Egan and his legal representatives are facing deadlines as the statute of limitations runs out on Thursday next week (24th April). Egan's lawyer, Jeff Herman, told THR they would be filing more suits against other powerful Hollywood figures. Speaking to the Huffington Post, Herman said "the rest of the names are coming out on Monday (21st April)," and one or two may be shortly after. The suits have all been filed in Hawaii by Herman, a specialist in sexual abuse cases. 

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Herman described, speaking to the Huff Post, the extent of these alleged "paedophile" or "sexual predator" rings. He claimed "there were other rings like this taking place in Hollywood some of which overlap each other." Herman noted that the one thing all these rings and cases of alleged assault had in common was that they were associated with "Hollywood insiders" who were "using their position, power and influence to sexually abuse children." He further claimed this practise continued and that it is an "ongoing open secret" in certain Hollywood circles.

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Singer's legal counsel has denied all the allegations and provided evidence showing Singer was not in Hawaii at the time of the alleged sexual assault against Egan. Regardless of any conviction or if these allegations are founded in any truth, the damage may already have been done and Singer's reputation will be forever tainted by association. This already appears to be the case as Singer has announced he will not be attending any of the promotional events for his soon-to-be-released movie X-Men: Days of Future Past. As The Daily Mail reports, Singer hopes that his personal troubles will not overshadow the film or its release in May of this year. 

Bryan SingerBryan Singer at the 2013 premiere of Jack the Giant Slayer.

Bryan Singer
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