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19th November 2012

Quote: "I once stopped a tour bus so I could run into Greggs and buy pasties. I bought 20 and made everyone try one. They are wonderful." Singer Bryan Ferry has a fondness for savoury snacks from a popular British high street bakery chain.

12th December 2011

Quote: "You should see my pills. I take quite a few. But (the heart scare) was only publicised because I had a show that night and had to cancel it. Otherwise, I could have gone on without anybody knowing about it." Bryan Ferry is taking good care of himself following a hospitalisation earlier this year (11) to treat an abnormal heart rhythm.

1st December 2011

Quote: "I was worried that my sons would think it a bit, well, uncool. But they actually think I am rather supercool." Bryan Ferry's four sons were happy to join their father as he picked up his Commander of the Order of the British Empire (Cbe) medal at Buckingham Palace in London on Wednesday (30Nov11).

6th January 2011

Quote: "I've always been attracted to musicians with a visual flair and Lady Gaga is a supreme example. She does amazing shows and her records are really good. I've always been attracted to people who put on a bit of show." Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry is a huge fan of the BAD ROMANCE singer.

29th November 2010

Quote: "David Beckham is actually a bit of an exception. I think he's the only man who can pull off a tattoo. Generally speaking, I don't like them at all." Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry is not a fan of body art.

29th November 2010

Quote: "God no. I've never done that." Bryan Ferry has never been tempted by cosmetic surgery.

10th September 2010

Fact: Supermodel Kate Moss has recreated artist Edouard Manet's famous Olympia pose for the cover of Bryan Ferry's new album of the same name.

6th August 2010

Quote: "The main inspiration is the Olympia painting by Manet. It was a very controversial picture, a pin-up girl really, a courtesan in 1850s Paris. She's lying naked on a bed." Bryan Ferry was inspired to name his new album OLYMPIA after a famous nude painting by EDOUARD MANET.

6th August 2010

Quote: "I'm reeling from Tokyo, playing there all week with a sore throat as you do with the air conditioning in that city." Bryan Ferry has been nursing a sore throat after recent gig in Japan.

30th November 2009

Quote: "Maybe I just don't meet them. Maybe they're all married. You're more likely to meet more single younger girls than older ones... they get taken." Former Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry, 64, on why he prefers younger ladies.

11th August 2008

Fact: Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry will be honoured with the BMI Icon award at a ceremony in London in October (08) for his services to the music industry. He is currently working on the band's first studio album in more than 25 years.

3rd April 2007

Fact: Rod Stewart and Bryan Ferry are the latest acts confirmed to play the DIANA, Princess Of Wales memorial concert in London this summer (07).

5th January 2007

Fact: Supermodel Kate Moss has joined forces with the sons of veteran singer Bryan Ferry and business tycoon SIR Richard Branson in a star-studded new campaign for fashion house Burberry. The shoot, featuring OTIS and ISAAC FERRY and SAM BRANSON, was headed by acclaimed photographer MARIO TESTINO.

29th September 2006

Quote: "The thing is, I don't know any women my own age." Singer Bryan Ferry giving his reasons for dating younger women.

6th June 2006

Fact: Scissor Sisters will launch the release of their new album with a little help from their biggest fan - SIR Elton John. John, who has always been a vocal fan of the camp stars, will duet with the New Yorkers on new single I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN'. The group has also reportedly recorded a song with ROXY MUSIC star Bryan Ferry for the album TA-DAH.

10th February 2006

Fact: <p>Bryan Ferry has reportedly reunited with his former girlfriend KATIE TURNER. The 60-year-old SLAVE TO LOVE hitmaker split with the beauty two years ago, but has recently been seen shopping and attending parties with the dancer. </p>

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