Bryan Ferry has never downloaded a song.

The 'Love is the Drug' singer doesn't like the move from physically buying records as a vinyl record or Compact Disc to downloading them as MP3s or similar formats, and is upset there are hardly any record shops left, as they are such an important place for browsing and discovering new music.

He said: ''The music business has obviously changed quite a lot since I started out. The disappearance of record stores being something I find particularly hard to come to terms with.

''Downloading music is something I never do and I miss being able to browse around and perhaps discover something unexpected.''

However, Bryan, 67, does see some positive effects on how the record industry is changing, especially with the way artists have been able to take power back into their own hands.

He added to The Sun newspaper: ''On the creative side, the decline of the major record label has led to a more adventurous approach to making records, rather like a cottage industry approach which is more cavalier and exciting.''

Bryan has recently recorded a number of tracks from across his career in a 1920s jazz style, called 'The Jazz Age', released as The Bryan Ferry Orchestra and available now.