Nearly there, don’t worry; Breaking Bad season five will be back THIS Sunday (Aug, 11) so we can finally see what happens to Walter White and his increasingly impenetrable ego.

Bryan Cranston Breaking Bad RVBryan Cranston in the iconic Breaking Bad RV

While Breaking Bad is one of the darkest shows on television, it’s clear that the cast have a great time on set, creating the kind of chemistry that makes their on-screen partnerships so brilliant. That, in addition to Walter White’s brand of chemistry, has made for one of the most popular dramas in modern television.

Netflix recently confirmed that season five of the show will air on the streaming service right after AMC viewers have had their fill. That means that a global audience can enjoy the show at the same time rather than torrenting it once a friendly sharer makes it available online.

The internet is awash with previews for the much-anticipated return of Walter, Jesse, Skyler, Hank, Saul, Marie and Walt. Jr. It’s testament to the writers and actors that even a mid-season break didn’t dampen enthusiasm for the show; on the contrary, it heightened it. Get ready for record-breaking viewing figures come Sunday.

The general consensus from both the actors and the people behind the scenes of Breaking Bad is that the final eight episodes jump straight in to the action, which is probably the only way they could tie up all the loose ends.

With Hank finally (we assume) cottoning on to Walt’s secret life, and Walt himself finally declaring that he’s out of the game having sufficiently provided for his family, viewers, including this staff writer, are eagerly awaiting the closure that the next eight episodes will surely bestow. Please bestow closure, Breaking Bad, please.

Bryan Cranston Breaking BadBryan Cranston has been lauded for his role as Walter White