Fans of Breaking Bad, of which there are many, were disappointed to hear that Season 5 was to be split into two halves. But they probably didn’t see a story about a stolen script in-between runs, that’s for sure.

So just to recap, the news broke recently that someone had broken into Bryan Cranston’s car and stolen a script from the series, potentially crammed with spoilers as to what happens next for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. TMZ supposedly obtained a 911 call from Cranston reporting the incident. "I need to report a breaking and entering into my automobile ... at the parking lot at Sandia Crest way up at the top of the hill," he said. Sony Pictures, though, say that no script was stolen, and aren’t concerned about the leakage of sensitive spoilers. "We applaud the efforts of the Albuquerque police in their arrest of the alleged perpetrator and we look forward to sharing the incredible last season with viewers when the series premieres later this year," the studio said in a statement. Steven Michael Quezada, who plays DEA agent Steven Gomez said Cranston was "just kind of bummed out" over the incident, but didn’t mention the pilfered pages.

Bryan CranstonWe just see Walter White - Bryan Cranston

"When we talked, there wasn't no script, he didn't seem worried about a script getting out," Quezada told KOAT. "Let me tell you, if anyone would be worried about that, it'd be Bryan for sure."