You’ve all got that friend who spends every second of every day telling you to watch Breaking Bad. Well, you know what? They’re right, Breaking Bad is a great show, and it’s coming to an end soon, so you better get watching.

One of the AMC drama’s best aspects is the science; Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) use high-grade chemistry to create the most pure, potent product on the market. It just happens to be crystal meth, a growing problem in America, especially the further south you go.

The science in the show isn’t just used for drug manufacturing, Walt enlists his favourite friend to help him out with body disposal and contact explosives, when he finds the need to that is. But how realistic and re-creatable are these feats? Well, those spoilsports at Mythbusters are going to find out, as they dedicate an entire show to either ruining or vindicating the award-winning show.

That’s right, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage of The Discovery Channel's Mythbusters will be attempting to find out if a tub of hydrofluoric acid would indeed eat through a human body, providing a neat way to dispose of some pretty fleshy evidence, or if mercury fulminate can actually be utilized as a shock-tactic Grenade-lite.

In some ways, we can’t wait to find out, but in many, many other ways, we’re happy just pretending it’s all 100% true. Breaking Bad is coming to an end soon, after the producers decided to split up the fifth season into two halves. We’ve had eight great episodes, and, come August 11th, we’ll find out what exactly happens to Walt, and what’s Hank going to do?

Breaking BadAll aboard the Breaking Bad RV - destination: season five