Julia Louis-Dreyfus attempted to sell her Primetime Emmy Award to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, who now work as owners of a seedy pawnshop called Barley Legal. You have no idea how much we want that whole sentence to be true, but it’s not.

Julia Louis DreyfusJulia Louis-Dreyfus at the Veep season 3 premiere [Getty/Jason Kempin]

It is, in fact, a spot sponsored by Audi of America for the Emmys. It sees Dreyfus try and drum up some quick cash to pay for a regrettable purchase. "I read somewhere that Celine Dion has her own island, and last night I had a little bit too much rosé, did some online shopping, so now I have to pay for my own island," she explains in the video. 

“We deal in the unique, the unusual and the barely legal,” says an unshaven, Elvis-wannabe Cranston while Paul chews tobacco, playing the not unfamiliar role of unglamorous assistant. 

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Bryan Cranston Aaron PaulBryan Cranston and Aaron Paul [Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez]

There are plenty of in-jokes, too, not just for Breaking Bad fans but for fans of the Emmys too. Paul defends the art of supporting the lead actor while Cranston, no stranger to accolades in the leading role, denounces the value of Louis-Dreyfus’ supporting award. Then, at the end of the video, and having left her keys in “Barley Legal”, Louis-Dreyfus returns to find Cranston and Paul suiting up and putting gas masks on – they’re not cooking Meth, rather bathing puppies. But they don’t have a licence so it’s all hush-hush… puppies. Watch the video here. 

"We flew in face of convention by putting out a video at six minutes, but with the high-caliber acting and the quality of the idea, we knew we could push some boundaries," Joseph Assad, executive producer at PMK-BNC, said of the six-minute creative spot. Cranston and Paul are both nominated for their own Emmys this year for their performances in Breaking Bad.  But if they win, they’ll probably just pawn them off. The awards ceremony will take place on Monday (Aug 25) in Los Angeles.

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