Breaking Bad’s final season… now that deserves a toast. No, of course it’s not a good thing that one of the best examples of TV writing will be gone from everyone’s lives soon, but the team, who worked hard on each of BB’s six seasons, definitely deserves a toast. Which is exactly what they got at the Wednesday premiere of the final eight episodes. There was champagne and blue meth candy aplenty (the latter is an actual thing, not an inappropriate euphemism). Add to that the classy entrance that the cast made in Walt and Jesse’s iconic RV from the show, and you’ve got yourself a (slightly disturbing) Breaking Bad theme party.

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad Season Premiere
Champagne was the only intoxicant at the party.

The Hollywood Reporter describes the party, including the yellow smoke, coming out of Jesse’s (Aaron Paul) tailpipe as the RV pulled in front of the Kim Novak Theatre on the Sony Lot. If that’s not arriving in style… But the white RV, which has been privy to so many misdeeds throughout the course of the show, was actually used for good this time, as Bryan Cranston used it to raise over $400 000 for The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children, by giving donors the trip of a lifetime (no pun intended) to the Breaking Bad premiere. The stars also hinted at the conclusion of this season – nothing will be left unaddressed and the fans will be satisfied with the ending, that seemed to be the general opinion.

“There will be no loopholes. There will be no endings that are dreams,” RJ Mitte (Walt Jr.) said. “I think the fans are going to love it. I think everyone is going to react to it very well."

Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Breaking Bad Premiere Party
The cast celebrated in style.