Google searches for "Breaking Bad costumes" is unsurprisingly nearly three times higher this year. The search engine's annual list of most searched costumes tell us one thing, that Walter White is going to be at every Halloween party you attend this year. He'll be stood next to the Minion from Despicable Me, over in the corner.

Breaking BadThe Breaking Bad Cast: Which One WIll You Dress As This Halloween?

With AMC's meth-drama coming to an explosive climax last month, Halloween gives fans a chance - the only acceptance chance - to dress as Walter, Jesse, Gus Fring or Saul Goodman. 

Breaking Bad is actually the second most popular costume search this year, behind those cute little yellow Minions. In fourth place is "Fox costume" while Duck Dynasty, Miley Cyrus, Minecraft and Daenerys follow. Batman is eighth, while someone apparently wants to dress as The Great Gatsby and Daft Punk too.

If you get a Breaking Bad Halloween costume right, you could be hailed as the creative genius of your friendship group. Get it wrong, and you're just the guy in an apron who likes Breaking Bad. Why not be a little more daring? Don't go for season one RV Walter. Don't go for boiler suit Walter. Go for regular Walter. Go for the brown jacket, the green striped shirt with the white vest underneath and beige chinos Walter.

Gus Fring Breaking BadGus Fring Could Be A Popular Choice This Halloween. 

Saying that, why not leave Walter out entirely and be the guy walking around the Halloween party with a black bomber jacket on? When you see the person giving you the "who the hell as he come as?" eyes, you shoot him a "I'm Hank Shrader, DEA" look right back. Get your girlfriend to wear loads of purple.

Vince Gilligan's Breaking Bad concluded on AMC last month. Hailed as one of the greatest television dramas of all time, it stars Bryan Cranston as a high school science teacher who begins a meth empire after being diagnosed with cancer.

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