In the second half of the final season of Breaking Bad, the writers are holding no bars in destroying the fictional lives of their characters. In last night's episode 'Buried', Walter White's (Bryan Cranston) family are certainly not united. We've seen the White's and the Schrader's ups and downs over the years and the show's five seasons: from family barbeques to Hank Schrader's (Dean Norris) realisation that his brother-in-law is a prolific meth dealer.

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston at the Film Society of the Lincoln Center's Celebration of Breaking Bad

The episode opens with Walt attempting to reach Skyler (Anna Gunn), only to realise that Hank has rung first. He assumes Hank will inform Skyler about his meth cooking activities, but we see Hank and Skylar meeting up to discuss Walt. Skyler refuses to leave Walt, despite Hank's pleadings, even dragging his wife into the mix and promising "your best interest and mine are the same." 

Skylar is unaware that Walt's cancer is back and is perplexed when Hank mentions it. Hank assumes Walt is lying about the disease. Despite Hank's pleadings and revelation, Skyler is unwilling to leave her husband and claims Hank is merely intent on destroying her husband. 

Anna Gunn
Anna Gunn at the Breaking Bad celebration.

Hank continues using Marie (Betsy Brandt) as a means of enforcing his point to Skyler. He takes Marie to see Skyler, and after Marie promises not to leave until she is admitted into the White household, Skyler agrees to see her. Skyler refuses to talk until Marie questions her point-blank about Hank's shooting. Sklyer breaks down after Marie slaps her. 

Marie walks away, attempting to take Holly with her. She calls to Hank who convinces her to leave the child. Sitting outside in the car, Marie has turned completely against her brother-in-law declaring to Hank, "you have to get him."

Breaking Bad has four episodes left before its finale on September 29th. Things are certainly coming to a head, with Walt's family divided and some intent on his destruction.

Dean Norris
Dean Norris at the Lincoln Center celebration.